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Adrian Arrieta
Born in Rodas, a municipality in the Cienfuegos Province of Cuba, Arrieta grew up longing to become an artist, but often felt discouraged by the impracticality of his dreams. “I was always skeptical about becoming an artist in my country,” Arrieta explains. “I [could] never find the freedom to criticize society through my paintings without being repressed here … The lack of freedom in Cuba imposes a protocol that needs to be followed.”
Nevertheless, Arrieta, the son of a pharmacist and an English teacher, immersed himself in art whenever he could, thriving during the portion of his school day that he got to spend in art class. He shares, “Although I enjoyed the other subjects at school, my art class stood out the most. Perhaps it was the chance of getting to express what I felt in those 45 minutes of class that drove me towards the bizarre idea of becoming an artist.”
At age 14, Arrieta left his home to attend the Benny Moré School of Art, one of the top visual and performing arts schools in Cuba. Unsure if it was worth being separated from his family in order to pursue such an elusive goal with meager financial support, he nevertheless pressed on, eventually graduating at the top of his class. His fine standing upon completion at the academy provided him with several opportunities to exhibit his work throughout the Cienfuegos Province. “I never denied an opportunity,” says Arrieta. “I would barely sleep, but just to think that somebody could understand my work and actually like it was my definite accomplishment. “After graduating, Arrieta decided to come to the United States to attend college in Miami and broaden his potential exhibition opportunities. “I came to the U.S. not only to begin my studies in graphic design, but also to be able to exhibit at the best places in the country.
“My work has as main theme the human being in its totality, transmitting in it, through the technique, a work-title relationship and a plastic intertextual discourse, different social themes that are disturbing in the society in which we live, translating them in my work in a creative way And playful at times, where the viewer feels trapped and familiar through a creative process and the ambiguity of it and Involved in an orbit of mystery, seduction and fascination. So the work is directed to the contemplation of a scene of inner and impartial search trying to find ourselves in different situations, always leaving a range of possibilities open for more than one interpretation in the work not making it only one transmission of a single message and instead leaving open the meaning to emotional stages of the viewer where they themselves create their own interpretation of it.”
This particular work “Freedom Awaits” is directed in the form of social criticism towards the internal fear of which many people are prisoner of their own thinking and feelings, and how consequences of that in many times they prefer not express themselves in freedom freely for fear of which they will say or to be separated of the society due their prejudices.

Born Cienfuegos, Cuba 1992.
2006-2010 Benny Moré Art Academy. Cienfuegos. Bachelor of Fine Arts. Painting.
2012- Miami Dade College. Bachelor in Graphic Designer.

Selected Personal Exhibitions :
2016 Retrospective, Art Expo New York, New York, USA.
2012 “El peso de nuestra conciencia” , Graphic society of Cienfuegos, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
2010 Individual Siseneg”, Theater Tomas Terry,Cienfuegos,Cuba.

Selected Group Exhibitions :
2007 “Primeros pasos” Galería Cienfuegos, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
“Salón 16 de julio Casa de Cultura Mariíta Alonso”, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
2008 “Salón 16 de julio Casa de Cultura Mariíta Alonso “, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
“Salón del Río, Galería La Jungla. Centro Cultural Liceo”, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
2009 “Los jóvenes y el patrimonio”, Oficina del conservador de la Ciudad de
2010 “Seis”, Centro de Arte de Cienfuegos. Cienfuegos, Cuba.
2011 “Feria de la estampa, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
“Grabados”, Centro de arte de Cienfuegos,Cienfuegos,Cuba.
2012 “Feria de la estampa, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
“Paradojas”, Centro de Arte de Cienfuegos, Cienfuegos.
“Salon Mateo Torrientes ,Cienfuegos,Cuba.
2014 Window to the America Exhibit, Futurama Gallery, Miami,USA.

2016 The ArtExpo New York Poster Challenge Winner.

2016 Poster Challenge Winner. Adrian Arrieta. Published on Apr 10, 2016. Artexpo NY 2016 Show Guide.

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